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How to ensure your marketing converts to sales

More and more businesses these days are focusing their money and energy only on marketing. Sure marketing is more glamorous - it’s more visible, it’s online, it looks nice (mostly) and it doesn’t require as much effort, but it is only half the story. Marketing that does not convert to sales is throwing money at nothing. Pearls to swine as they say. Now more than ever you need to ensure your marketing focus is converting to sales.

So what’s the difference?

What is Sales?
Sales = the selling of goods or services.
Selling is offering the right product, to the right person, at the right time.
Sales develops relationships with customers and/or channel distribution partners.
Sales is follow up leads generated from marketing.
Selling or making sales is a personal interaction - one on one meetings, telephone calls or networking and relationship building.
Sales is about overcoming objections, negotiating prices and terms to secure the booking.
Without Sales, marketing efforts will fall short.

What is Marketing?
Marketing is getting people interested in your product or services so they buy it.
Marketing is understanding your customers.
Who they are, where they come from and how they book/buy.
Marketing helps you set your product, your pricing, your communication, your distribution channels and secure your customers.
Marketing needs to convert your customer knowledge into tools and tactics to attract your market, build (often digital) relationships, and develop leads.
Not even the best sales efforts can close the deal if your marketing focus is incorrect.
Marketing must be reviewed and updated constantly to ensure your sales are effective.

Get the balance right and you will have effective marketing, speaking to the right people, that converts to sales (revenue) and you will see your business profits improve. If you have any questions or need some help to set a sales and marketing plan please contact us for a quote.

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